Five Steps for Successful Visualisation

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5 Steps For Successful Visualisation

Many people anticipate success and money will come easy. I’m going to tell you differently. Unless you’re resting on money someone else earned, it does not. It takes work, dedication and clarity. If anyone tells you that simply believing in something will get you what you want, they’re lying to you. It just doesn’t work. You’re going to have to work for it.

First, you require focus and to get that you need to do the real, difficult work of visualisation. This is not creating a cliché vision board or writing affirmations on your mirror. This is serious and your success can hinge on it. Don’t anticipate genuine results if you do not take it seriously and give it the attention it should have.

Visualisation can be broken down into 5 primary actions. Avoiding or skimping on any of these steps greatly weakens the process, so if you don’t do it right, it’s like missing it all together.

Step One: Clarify Your Intentions

This may seem obvious, but it’s essential that you actually comprehend your own objectives. If your objectives are ‘be effective’ or ‘make more money’ then you either have no creativity or you’re being lazy. The goals you set need to be unique to you, something you’re ready to work your ass off for, and they must be specific.

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Step Two: Live the Goal

In action 2, you have to envision that you have ACTUALLY achieved your goals. For visualisation to work, you must produce a strongly genuine understanding with your sub-conscious and conscious mind that you’ve already attained your objectives.
This might feel weird at initially, but doing it wholeheartedly is vital to your future success. Try getting yourself deeply relaxed, closing your eyes, and seeing your environment in your mind’s eye. How does your reality appearnow that you’ve achieved your goals?

Step 3: Shape the Course

Step three is comprehending how you created this life. This is the work– the doing. Visualise how you got to where you are. Take a look at every significant moment that led you to accomplishing the goals you show and set on how you put those pieces together.
This action is as crucial, because it’s important that you envision yourself doing the work. Yes, you still have to roll up your sleeves and do the work.

Step 4: Take Note

When you come out of the visualisation, it’s time to make it permanent. Document each and every single step that you saw in part three of the visualisation exercise. If you want to achieve the outcome you visualised, what you’ve written is your brand-new life plan.

Step 5: Take Action

Get stuck in. Don’t procrastinate! Look at what you need to do and do it.


Visualisation can be easily written off as a new age trend. I know from my own experience and the experiences of others who have actually attained fantastic wealth that visualisation is a required and crucial step on the journey towards personal wealth.
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Using Content Marketing to Your Benefit

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One of the most challenging things that any business has to contend with is its ability to stay relevant in today’s ever-changing world. It is a constant sessions of brainstorming and attempting to generate content that keeps their reader’s attention, all while not being stale and played out in the eyes of the people who view it. You also have to do all of this, while staying ahead of your competition. It’s a daunting task but if you stay on top of it, you will see immediate and concrete results to your bottom-line. Learn more withFive Channels

Find Where Your Place is and Stay There

The first thing that you must do is find your niche. Particularly it is important to find a niche that is under-served, so there is a lot of growth potential. Next, make sure to highlight your strengths within that niche. Every business has a unique aspect that sets it apart from their competition, whether it is superior customer service, better prices, or an overall better shopping experience.

After that you need to make sure your content tells your customers how they can benefit from working for you. Always remember that your customers are looking to better their lives, and they are looking for you to help them do that. Educate your customers on what you have to offer, and how you are the only ones that can give that to them, or at least that you can give it to them more effectively than others. Make sure to use surveys to stay on top of what your customers expect, so you can continue to give them what they want. Check outfive channels for more info.

Educate Your Customers

There are several ways that you can educate your customers. While loading a page with a ton of words that clearly illustrate your plan will get your point across, it doesn’t grab your audience’s attention like a creative video can. Remember you want to engage your customers, not bore them to the point that they give up. Make sure you are answering their questions, and showing how you stand out from the shortcomings of your competition. If you are still fresh out of ideas on how to set yourself apart with content marketing, don’t be afraid to ask for help from an expert.Fivechannels can show you how.

Greensboro Custom Graphics from The American Sign Shop

When looking for Greensboro Custom Graphics, Impressions matter.

You recognize what they mean: you only have one chance to produce an impression. Whether it’s a site or the logo design in an email signature, potential customers will certainly judge a service in simply a couple of seconds based upon aesthetic charm alone. High-grade graphic layout provides services credibility– which’s priceless. No matter just how excellent a product or service, with poor design, it’s unlikely anyone will stay on the business’s website or keep its email enough time to find out.

Style can tell a story.

Similarly, it is crucial that individuals get a preference of what an organisation does even if they’ve never ever stumbled upon it previously. Thoughtful design evokes the best picture in consumers’ minds. The concept for a day care facility would certainly be totally different than that of a law practice . That’s a remarkable contrast, but it applies in more nuanced methods additionally. We are a signage as well as graphics company on the forefront of signage advancement. When we state we develop totally customized signs and graphics, we really suggest it. We have the devices, the creative thinking, as well as wiilingness to try any kind of type of business signs that you can picture.

Good design converts

.A glossy internet site behaves to have. A glossy website that converts is also better. Design isn’t only regarding making points look pretty; reliable style should tempt as well as persuade. A smartly developed site can route site visitors to act, like clicking a “get” switch for example. A well-crafted handout forces readers to keep turning web pages.

Professional graphic design has the potential to deliver measurable outcomes for a company.

Branding helps make a company unforgettable.

Solid graphic style gives branding consistency throughout every aesthetic, customer-facing element of a company. A specialist visuals musician will use specific shades, typeface, imagery, and mood for every little thing she or he touches. In this way, clients have the exact same experience seeing a company’s websites as they do reviewing its sales brochure. Picture it as a type of alliteration– it helps the business become identifiable and memorable. And also, consistency signifies expertise, as well as professionalism symbolizes trustworthiness.

A business’s graphic communication strategy offers lots of functions, and making your service special needs to be among them. Many little business don’t understand that they can extra deliberately influence what individuals think about them. Local service branding can provide you a leg up.

The American Sign Shop

5223 W Market St.

Greensboro NC 27409

( 336) 294-8807

Enjoy A Wonderful Smile With These Reasonable Dental Health Tips

When it comes down to just how your teeth appear, solely you possess the control and power. What if you’re not pleased with the result so far? It’s possible that it’s time to make a few modifications. You can’t simply leave everything to your dentist office. Take a positive stance. Begin working towards a healthier set of teeth right away!
Minimize your consumption of sugar. It’s for the sake of your teeth. This is type of food that is not good for your teeth. In the case that you do eat it, drink plenty of clean water and have it with your meal. Shortly after each time you eat, it is genuinely ideal if you are able to brush.
What should your toothbrush constantly be? Spic and span. What must you do as soon as you are finished with brushing? Extensively rinse your toothbrush off, and allow it to air dry. Make sure your toothbrush doesn’t touch anything not safe by utilizing a toothbrush holder. Keeping your toothbrush in an enclosed container can develop germs. Do not do this. Bear in mind to get a brand new toothbrush every couple of months.
There are diverse toothbrushes for kids and adults. Finding the right one is very important, therefore, choose appropriately. Make sure toothbrush bristles will not be too hard. A toothbrush package that contains an ADA seal on it has been analyzed to guarantee that the toothbrush bristles won’t damage your gums.
You are told that you need a deep cleaning when you visit a dental practitioner. What you must do is obtain a second opinion. Despite the fact that it is entirely possible that you might just need to get this specific treatment, you should be certain before going through with it. Some, yet not all dentists wish to make more money and consequently propose it.
Using mouthwash is an outstanding way to remove all the loose debris and keep your breath smelling pretty good. Stay clear of using brands of mouthwash comprising alcohol. They normally dry-out the mouth, and the veritable wonderland for bacteria that is left behind, can eventually produce unpleasant issues.
Should your old fillings contain mercury, you should have them upgraded. Mercury may possibly bring about damage to other systems of your body since it is dangerous. There are substances that are viewed more safe out there that dentists can certainly use nowadays. Seek advice from your dentist concerning getting your fillings removed and replaced.
When it goes to suitably looking after your teeth, there certainly is more than just flossing, brushing and seeing the dentist. Bring about a number of critical modifications to your life. You have got to, so as to achieve healthy teeth and a bright white smile. Specifically how can you assist your oral health? Cease smoking. Also, an awesome notion is to avoid foods that can certainly stain your teeth.
In the event that your teeth are supersensitive, many dental professionals strongly recommend that you make use of a special toothpaste available at the drug store or even discount retailers to help seal off the tubules leading to the nerves located in your teeth. Would you like to fix the condition sooner rather than later? This method is the most ideal.
In case you frequently bypass flossing because you are unsure about exactly how to do it the proper way, have your dental practice present to you the right technique for using floss. Your dental practitioner is going to demonstrate just how you need to grip the dental floss as well as how to go about flossing.
Prefer to help keep your teeth clean? Use apple cider vinegar. It is a common home remedy. Wiping out germs, getting rid of discolorations and even whitening your teeth, this style of vinegar delivers your mouth with a variety of advantages. In order for apple cider vinegar to be most practical, use it in the morning hours before you brush your teeth. Apple cider vinegar is an awesome asset with regard to your dental care. It is at the same time very cost effective.
Many young children these days partake of a lot of juice. Do not approve of your youngster to do this. The sugars in juice are able to remain on your boy or girl’s teeth all day. This fosters the advancement of cavities. What should you give them instead? Clean water. Should your young child wants to have a little flavor, squeeze a little bit of lemon into some ice water for a refreshingly pleasant beverage.
Cease using tobacco products. Smoking cigarettes might result in gum disease, which in several results in tooth loss. A large number of women and men are generally not knowledgeable about this fact. Try your very best to get rid of your addiction to cigarettes should you want to improve the odds of your teeth lasting much longer.
Make things much easier on yourself. Adopt the techniques you have just reviewed while you recognize effective ways to better care for your teeth. Start those changes. Your teeth are lying in wait. Try to keep exactly what you’ve browsed in your head, and get started with a better plan of action today.

Wealth Is Not A Dirty Word

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I’m going to ask you to do something difficult. I want you to try to think about wealth differently.

It’s not exclusive or rare. It’s actually possible for every person and any person can choose it for themselves. The only people who fail to attain wealth are those that did not recognise the opportunities presented them.

Shocked? Confused? Good! Let me explain more.

Wealth of Being

A common misconception is that wealth starts with money. It doesn’t. After all, how many times have we heard the story of lottery winners who overnight have more money than they’d ever imagined, and then lose it all? It’s because they had neither the expertise or mindset necessary to hold on to their wealth.

To build and keep wealth, you must havewealth of being. Wealth of being does not measure financial wealth. It measures:

â ¢ Who you are as a person

â ¢ Wealth Mindset

â ¢ Strong drive to better your life

â ¢ Healthy mind

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Consider the great men and women of our time. Are they shy, retiring people? Or are they resilient, impressiveattitudes? In fact, they strongly believe that wealth is theirright and that nothing will get in their way. For you to achieve similarsuccess, you must believe the same.

Steps to Success

A wealth mindset is essential to building wealth. This involves being a well-rounded person, able to identify an opportunity. A majority of people will never reach this level of self-awareness, resigned to their belief that life’s opportunities are not for them. WRONG. To earn your wealth and place in the world, you must first know that you are deserving of it.

To begin, work on your thinking. Banish negative self-thoughts such as, “I can’t” or “It’s too hard”. It can take a while to master this, but you are capable of doing it. Create a plan to build your wealth and take action. Hoping and wishing haven’t done it for you, have they? Make some moves and be confident. Wealth will follow.

What do you think of this approach to building wealth? Send me your thoughts at, whether you agree with me or not. Be sure to follow Adpen and the Adpen blog for more helpful content, including more guest blogs from me!

How to Perfect Content Marketing

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Wise brand leaders understand that content marketing is the key to remaining relevant and setting yourself up as an industry thought leader. But, it may be challenging to continuously brainstorm and generate fresh content that keeps readers attention â particularly when all your competitors are attempting to become thought leaders within the same industry.

Below are tips for crafting original ideas for content.

Find a Niche

Discover an industry niche you think is under-served, yet that you’d enjoy doing more business in and customize a part of the content to that. In doing so, it’s possible to create a loyal following inside that niche.

Learn more about it herefive channels

Highlight Your Strengths

Concentrate on developing content that supports your special value. All businesses have something that makes them different from the competition. Craft content that supports that.

Tell Your Customers How They Can Benefit

All content pieces you deliver have to answer:

“What is in it for me?”

That’s why they’re taking in your content. They do not care about you (yet), they want to know how the content will help them.

Help and Educate Your Customer Base

Answer all questions people need or want to know, and make the content’s design easy to understand, read, share, and interact.

Do not concentrate on the search engine optimization aspect at the early stages. Concentrate on educating and helping.

Surveys Are Key

One effective way to establish yourself as a thought leader is via the development of industry surveys with which your brand alone has ownership of all the data.

Create Video Content Your Audience Will Remember

If you want your audience to recall your brand, video is key. Video boosts the odds that users viewing your message are paying attention.

Improve on Your Competitor’s Weaknesses

Visit your competitor’s websites, sign up for their newsletters, click their advertisements, and “follow” or “like” their social platforms to check what subjects they talk about.

Find white space, then identify subjects you have a leadership stance in or category in which it’s possible to become a leader if no one else has a viewpoint.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help

Attempting to conceive all your brand’s online content yourself may be stressful and ineffective. Instead, tap into your team’s knowledge.

How to Answer Customer Concerns

It’s easy to gather customer service questions and turn them into content. One excellent method includes using blogs and forums to discover subjects people are asking questions about or discussing, and develop content on those subjects.

Trends and Breaking News

Concentrate daily on trends, conversations, information, and breaking news and develop content which reflects those observations.

Where Can You Play A Friendly Airsoft Game?

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You can play road hockey or soccer but running around in the neighbourhoods with full airsoft gear is a disaster waiting to happen.

So what are you options when you want to play an airsoft game?

â ¢ Airsoft does not have a place in the road, the area, the yard, or a recreation center. It has a place just in a private office set up particularly for airsoft.

â ¢ Airsoft is an amusement utilizing gun imitations. As an amusement, there are tenets and directions and, for this situation, laws related with its utilization. Guardians need to teach themselves and their youngsters about those before they enable them to take an interest.

â ¢ While taking a gun wellbeing course isn’t fundamental preceding partaking with airsoft, it absolutely wouldn’t hurt to have a youngster finish one. When somebody comprehends the two guns and airsoft, that information will assist them with respecting each.

â ¢ All gear must hold fast to state and government codes and remain in their fabricated states.

â ¢ Participants must consider the best possible reaction if law requirement addresses their action, and instruct their kids about how to react appropriately.

Follow these precautions carefully and you can enjoy the game with out any consequences.

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School Refusal and Anxiety in Children

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Many parents feel helpless when their child refuses to attend or stay in school. School refusal is an anxiety disorder where your child can feel a real sense of anguish, uneasiness, fear and a sense of danger associated with school. Two to five percent of children will be hindered by this affliction, but it is most common among those aged five, six, ten and eleven. Luckily effective ways of dealing with it exist. Since prevention is usually the best line of defense we will discuss some of the common risk factors. I will also mention a few tips you can use to reverse the situation once it has started.

Personal experiences have an influence on the desire to attend school. Luckily, we can narrow down the most influential environmental factors that have been proven to contribute to this problem: homelessness/poverty, teenage pregnancy, school-violence, lack of connectedness, parental involvement and family variables. These forces do not develop in isolation; they feed off of each other. Poverty can lead to stress; the stress can come from a number of issues like unemployment and inflexible, long work hours. This can have a harmful impact on parental and family involvement. A lack of involvement, especially from the father is also associated with teenage pregnancy. Parent and family involvement helps children become resilient. Resiliency helps them develop the ability to recover from life’s inevitable setbacks. When this is not in place children are less able to take risks and overcome challenges such as violent or unsupportive environments. If a child cannot devise ways of coping with these harsh situations, he or she will naturally avoid them. It can seem like a self-defeating cycle.

Most parents have already worked hard to correct or prevent the influential factors mentioned above. I listed them to make you aware that if these conditions are present, you may have to pay a little more attention to your child’s behaviors. One important consideration is your child’s proneness to feelings of anxiety. Anxiety is at the root of why most children avoid school. Examples of what causes students anxiety are: separation from their parents, bullying and fear of not performing well in school. These negative feelings are often expressed physically through stomach aches, headaches, diarrhea and nausea. In addition, you might notice behaviors such as asking to stay home, disobedience, rigidity, tantrums, seclusion and avoidance. It is important not to minimize or get angry with your child over the symptoms that you see and hear.

This is difficult to do because it is frustrating to see your child behaving in a self-destructive way. In addition dealing with it requires time that parents very frequently had not planned for. In order to make that time effective try to remember some of the most common reasons students give for feeling anxiety over school: bullying, under-performance and separation anxiety. Furthermore, try to remember that admitting anxiety or fears is often considered a weakness and can be embarrassing to many people. Few of us are or were ever comfortable admitting anxiety or victimization. To open the lines of communication it is crucial to offer sincere help, understanding and curiosity for what your child is experiencing. Regardless of how unreasonable an explanation might be to you try to accept it and work to address it. When working with students, I keep in mind that it is extremely difficult to understand and empathize with what others are feeling especially when the source of fear is irrational to us. It is important to remember that functional adults have illogical fears too; many yell, run or scream when they see a water-bug or mouse 1/100000th their weight.

School refusal is an anxiety disorder, and as a result you have to accept that your child’s feelings truly are hindering rational thoughts and behaviors. Determining whether your son or daughter has an anxiety disorder is not your job as a parent. You should carefully observe all behaviors that seem unhealthy to you and communicate with the school regarding absences. If the problem persists for more than four weeks seek professional help from a therapist. The therapist can administer different techniques such as operant conditioning, which involves rewarding, and or exposure therapy. They might also teach relaxation techniques like breathing as well as positive thinking. The therapist can in addition conduct a comprehensive mental evaluation to determine the true cause of the problem. Depending on the therapist’s assessment, the problem could be deemed to be primarily environmental like the causes described earlier or medical.

If the problem seems to be medical, the child may be referred to a psychiatrist. He or she will assess your child further and may introduce pharmacotherapy (drug treatments). Studies have shown pharmacotherapy can be useful when the reason for school refusal is anxiety or depression. However, before taking this crucial step, there are several other tools parents can try. Here are six ideas.

  1. Take morning practice runs weeks before school starts. The hope will be that they will be trained to get up and prepared for school sooner.
  2. Talk to him or her about any fears and feeling they may have towards school. It might help if you talk about your own fears about school and now at work. If you take this approach be careful not to redirect the conversation to yourself.
  3. Help your child connect with others in the school such as teachers and students. They will be an additional source of support outside of the home.
  4. Encourage him or her to participate in extra-curricular activities such as clubs or sports.
  5. Remind your child that other kids are shy too. The shyness is something they can use to connect with other students.
  6. Help them develop friendships by teaching them how to give appropriate compliments regularly. Warn them that good friends do not keep score or tallies of deeds done. Furthermore, remind them that people want to be friends with other people who know when to apologize, forgive and be polite.

These life skills will help your child build connections with others. They will make school a more enjoyable experience, in many cases.

Perhaps most importantly work with your school counselor. The school counselor is trained to provide support in academic, career, college access, and personal/social competencies.He or she should be your liaison to the entire school. Students need to know that adults in a school care, whether or not they attend class and whether they succeed. In addition to emotional support school counselors are prepared with resources to help your child overcome fears of performance and can help him or her improve performance. If the issue is bullying, the counselors will also work with the school’s dean to address disciplinary or safety issues that need to be dealt with.


How to Stop School Refusal

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Everyday, in cities around the world, 1 to 4 children will not go to school. Not because they are ill, or a death in the family, but simply because they refuse to go. Reasons can be as varied as a test the child did not prepare for, or a blemish on the skin. School phobia, or “school refusal is an serious and recognized anxiety disorder. Astonishingly, this disorder is more common than some better known child disorders such as ADHD or autism. Children are vague in their complaints and have a hard time trying to verbalize what is making them refuse to go to school. It is usually dismissed as misbehavior. It’s important as a parent to recognize school refusal, because it can stunt your child’s education.

Christopher Kearney, Ph.D., a director of the UNLV Child School Refusal and Anxiety Disorders Clinic says, “You need to look at whether it’s affecting the child or family’s daily functioning,” in order to draw the line between normal or not. If grades are slipping, or a parent is in jeopardy of losing a job from frequent absences, its time to take action. Kearney also says that parents should pay close attention to their children who refuse to go to school for vague reasons such as stomach aches or other mysterious pains. If other general complaints are combined with school refusal, then this can also be a sign to take a closer look for any issues arising at school.

Kearny also states, “There is a subtle difference between school refusal and school refusal behavior.” Children who skip school to play with their friends are exhibiting school refusal behavior, which can be as innocuous as a just trying to fit in or a sense of rebellion. However, a screaming child grasping at a mother’s leg refusing to leave the car is showing signs of school refusal.

The following are some ways to stop school refusal:

– Look into what the problem is at school. If its bullying, then things need a closer look. If your child’s complaint is a valid one, then parents need to work with your child around the issue, at home and at school.

– Reward the child when they go to school. This might be extra video game time or even a special trip on the weekend. Positive reinforcement is more effective than punishing the child for not going to school.

– Work with the school to find out what the problem is. This might even be asking the school for permission to observer what is happening at school, or for the teacher to pay closer attention to the child.

– Set goals for going to school. If the child can at least go to a school for a hour, or go and sit in the lobby, its better than just staying at home.

– Make home life boring. If the child gets to sit around and play video games instead of going to school, then school refusal is a rewarded. Set some boundaries so that the kid will have more reason to go to school.


Children With School Refusal Behaviour

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School refusal stems from emotional distress and anxiety which could be related to a range of issues either at home, school or both. A recent study reveals that 1 in 5 British children experience phobia or school refusal which has shown to be more prevalent in children’s age groups aged 5 – 6 and 10 – 11 years.

The research also revealed that many parents were not aware of the conditions and those who were aware of it, experienced a major lack of information.

School refusal does and can bring about a range of physical challenges and symptoms for the child or young person and these include:

– stomach aches

– vomiting

– headaches

– trembling

– joint pains

From a behavioural perspective, the symptoms show up as: tantrums, threats of self harm, crying or angry outbursts. These symptoms are likely to subside once the child feels safe and secure, generally in the home environment and/or once they’ve been allowed to stay at home.

School refusal may be triggered by a number of reasons, children of any age may be refusing to go to school for fear of losing their last remaining parent (or main care giver). Their parents may have separated or they might be a bereaved child and the fear of even more loss, keeps them at home and in a ‘protective role’ and with separation anxiety.

As well as anxiety, other stress related situations at home, school or with peers may also be a trigger for school refusal.

From an emotional perspective, symptoms of school refusal include panic attacks, fearfulness, depression and occurs with both genders.

One of my sons had a change of primary schools and the new primary school that he moved to was a trigger for his school refusal right from the first day of school.

He was evidently emotionally distressed by going to that school, was crying and wouldn’t get dressed in the mornings. He said that the school was too big, which I didn’t understand but his deep reaction and distress to attending that school was more than enough for me to take heed. Within a week he had moved yet again to another primary school and was evidently happier, brighter with smiles all round, which brought about the swift end to his short-lived school refusal.

School refusal and a range of other behaviours from children and young people is merely a form of communication that something is not right. This calls for school staff and parents to look more closely at what is not being said. What is their behaviour telling you?

There is always a reason for children’s behaviour and it is invaluable piece of communication for adults.

How Can You Help Children With School Refusal Behaviour?

Doctors, Parents, Educators, and other professionals can all assist in supporting a child or young person back to school, individually or as a team.

Some ways of helping include:

  1. Identify whether the behaviour relates to school refusal for reasons such as those above or whether it relates to truancy. The distinction between the two generally lies on the child’s focus and/or interest in their school work once their anxiety or fear of school attendance and other related symptoms have subsided. That is, how do they behave once they feel safe and secure at home? Do they focus on their school work or is there a total dis-interest and general negative attitude towards school? Another distinction is the extent of their emotional distress relating to attending school versus being indifferent about school attendance.
  2. Explore best possible options of moving the child towards re-entering the school environment as quickly as possible, yet in a supportive manner. This could include making changes, where possible, to conditions at home which might be triggering the school refusal and engendering collaborative approach between parents, doctor, school and mental health professional/therapist. As some of the presenting symptoms are physical, it is important to involve physicians who may also be able to make referrals to relevant therapists.
  3. Research has shown cognitive behaviour therapy to be particularly beneficial and successful in helping pupils to manage their mindsets, depression and returning to school.
  4. Parental involvement to improve school attendance has also shown to be helpful.
  5. Undertake proper preparation at school for the pupil to be re-integrated and positively supported back into the normal school environment
  6. Foster on-going parent-school communication, collaboration and joint support of the child.
  7. Planned, gradual, assisted exposure to the school environment
  8. Relaxation remedies including visualisation.
  9. Positive reinforcements relating to school environment and attendance.