Seattle Dangerous Roads Are Like Mount Rainier

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Seattle is home to Mount Rainier,an active volcano that may erupt without warning. Traffic accidents are another hazard Seattle residents face that can occur at any given instance. While driving in Seattle,dangerous roads are made more hazardous by the drizzling rain. Even mild roads become tricky as the water brings oil to the surface of the road. Inexperienced drivers will assume that as roads dry they are no longer slick.

However,even as moisture dissipates,surface oils linger. Given the precipitation percentage in Seattle,that means that roads are usually going to be perilous to some degree.

However,one cannot have a defeatist attitude and consider Seattle dangerous roads a bane over which they have no control. Driving with headlights lit and making sure tires have enough road-grabbing tread can help the commuter make it home safely each day. A major tip many drivers don’t consider is that driving in cruise-control on wet roads raises the danger level exponentially.

Another problem with constantly wet roads is that they decay faster than in other major cities. Seattle lacks funds to repair its roads in an adequate fashion. One particularly dangerous stretch is considered in need of up to $3-billion dollars to make it safe. In fact there are stretches in Seattle where in lieu of repairs,signs simply state the road is broken and to use at one’s own risk. There is nothing that can be done to stop Mount Rainier if it should decide to explode molten lava over its rugged terrain.

However,people do have some control while navigating Seattle dangerous roads. Aside from voting on how funds should be used,the best way to prevent traffic accidents is by keeping alert; both to the condition of your automobile,and the condition of the roads they navigate. If you do get into a wreck,make sure to contact a [dcl=6630].

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