Why Dallas Texas Is One Of The Top Ten Best Places To Live

Dallas Texas is one of the most dynamic and modern cities in North Texas. Downtown,a busy urban metropolis in North Texas,is an exciting and lively hub of the area. Downtown’s Sixth Floor Museum on Dealey Plaza commemorates President Kennedy’s assassination. The bustling downtown area is home to the Dallas Symphony,Dallas Opera House,Dallas Stars baseball,Dallas Cowboys football,Dallas Stars hockey and other notable sports teams. The downtown area is also home to an eclectic range of shops,entertainment venues and other entertainment centers.

The city center is also full of a number of shopping malls,art galleries and other entertainment centers. In the Downtown district,the Dallas Museum of Arts and the Crow Collection of Native American Art cover thousands of years of native art. The hip Nasher Sculpture Center displays contemporary sculptures from around the world. The Dallas Cowboys football team is among the most popular professional teams in the United States. Dallas’ downtown area is a prime location for business travelers,convention delegates,visitors and others. The Dallas Cowboys football stadium is located just a few blocks from downtown Dallas.

Dallas is a vibrant,fun and active town with an endless variety of things to do and see. If you are looking for a fun-filled vacation where you can make new friends,go sightseeing or enjoy the sights and sounds of Dallas at its best,then you should consider living in the area. Dallas Texas has everything that you need and more!

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